Parkmore Stud Quality Irish Draught & Irish Sport Horses Training
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Quality Irish Draught & Irish Sports Horses

Here at Parkmore Stud we provide TRAINING for horses, riders & owners.
Fleur Bryan has over 15 yrs. experience breaking, Training & competing young horses. She has shown in-hand, Irish Hunters, Dressage & Showjumpers.

Fleur is well known for her quiet, gentle approach with both horses & riders & She specializes in young horses & nervous riders.
Training Programs at Parkmore Stud are customized promote the mental & physical development of the young horse.All our young horses are started slowly with the initial focus being on building TRUST & RESPECT between Horse & Handler.
A positive attitude combined with an affectionate bond builds a tension free strong work ethic in the youngster & lessens the risk of them developing vices & bad manners.
Horses are creatures of habit & thrive best if cared for according to a fairly strict routine therefore the understanding of & sympathy with a horses mentality is essential to success.
All young horses are voice trained on the lunge, long-lined for up to 12 weeks according to the needs of your horse & discipline you wish to persue. We provide advance training for showjumpers & have access to an abundance of "A" rated shows within a 6 hour drive of our farm.

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