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Quality Irish Draught & Irish Sports Horses

Parkmore Stud, set in the picturesque Bluegrass State of Kentucky, is owned  by Fleur Bryan & Deborah Weakly, Utopia Animal Care Ltd,.

Parkmore Stud has been built to continue the Breeding, Producing, Competing & Promoting Irish Draught Horses & Irish Sport Horses. Known for their sound sane Temperament,  Strength & Stamina & Versatility, Irish bred horses have become popular with both Professionals & Amateurs alike. Irish bred horses have ranked #1in the world breeding federation Eventing rankings since it's inception over 10 years ago.

Beginning April 2007 we became the main agents for Free Training Systems an Irish based company founded by Gordon Bryan (Fleur's brother), whom design & manufacture a comprehensive range of specialist training aids & magnetic products. The selection ranges from the calming crown piece to a magnetic blanket designed to help loosen the top line & encourage the horse to soften working long & low, soft touch draw reins and more. Click on magnets or aids to see the range to date. Gordon expects to have his Hock boots & Bell Boots available the September.

All of our products are available through direct sale only and we are currently selecting agents across the U.S. & Canada.  Check our  List to find your closest Agent.

Our foundation Sire Parkmore Pride a Regd. Irish Draught Stallion, imported from Ireland in 2002, is available for stud using fresh/chilled semen & Live cover.

Other services include Training, Our boarding facility offers a limited number of vacancies dedicated to the breaking & training of young horses. Showjumping Clinics are available both on site & at selected locations nationwide by Fleur. The Sales program currently run by Fleur, offers a host of Irelands finest  Irish Draught horses, Irish Sport Horses & Connemara Ponies.
1279 Bates Lane, Smithfield, Ky 40068Tel/fax  502-845-2118. mobile 502-649-2037
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Free Training Systems (FTS) is a new and innovative thinking Irish company that designs a range of training aids to improve the free movement, athleticism and carriage of the horse and allow the rider to fine tune the subtlety of his natural aids. FTS has created the  FTS Calming Bridle, the Magnetic Crownpiece,  the Soft Touch and the FTS magnetic Blanket.   The products are availible through us & our agents in the U.S.